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Tesla updates new Model S delivery timeline: ‘should start very shortly’

From Twitter @@FredericLambert

Tesla’s new refreshed Model S has been delayed without much explanation or updated timeline, but the automaker said today that deliveries “should start very shortly.”

In January, Tesla introduced a refresh version of the Model S and Model X that brings a new powertrain, new interior, and updated exterior design to Tesla’s two flagship electric vehicles.

When launching the new vehicles, CEO Elon Musk said that deliveries should start within a few weeks – putting the first deliveries in February.

That didn’t happen.

We are now at the end of April, and there hasn’t been one delivery of a new Model S reported by Tesla customers.

The reason behind the delay is unknown as the automaker hasn’t commented on the situation.

Today, as part of the release of its Q1 2021 financial results, Tesla commented on the delivery of the new Model S:

“First deliveries of the new Model S should start very shortly.”

It doesn’t give us a clear timeline on deliveries, but it’s the first updated comment we have received from Tesla since we obtained an email Musk sent to Tesla employees in which he said that the automaker was still retooling the Model S/X production lines, but it was “almost done.”

That was at the end of February.

The new Model S, and later the new Model X, which was updated at the same time, is expected to breathe some life into the vehicle program, which has been neglected design-wise since its launch back in 2012.

It has regularly received important performance upgrades, but the design has remained mostly unchanged except for a mild update in 2016.

Sales have been going down, and the update is expected help Tesla’s flagship vehicle programs.

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