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Tesla FSD Beta 10.1 released, does not appear to be “Single Stack” version

BySimon Alvarez /TWITTER


Tesla has formally started rolling out FSD Beta 10.1 with software update 2021.24.17, and while initial impressions seem to be largely positive, observations from the company’s testers are suggesting that the newest iteration of the advanced driver assist system is not yet equipped with the highly-anticipated “Single FSD Stack” that Elon Musk has hinted at in previous months.

The excitement surrounding V10.1’s release was notable, especially as Tesla has just launched the highly anticipated “Request FSD Beta” button to more members of its fleet. Members of the company’s original batch of FSD Beta testers have noted that the V10.1 update was about 2.9 GB, and it seemed to be comprised mostly of under-the-hood improvements. This was echoed by several longtime FSD Beta testers, many of whom have been part of the program since October 2020.

Longtime FSD Beta tester Tesla Raj, for one, observed after a 14-mile trip that the driver-assist system’s behavior on the freeway was still nearly identical to the system’s previous iterations. Another longtime FSD Beta tester, James Locke, observed that Summon still had its previous quirks. These, at least for now, hint that Tesla is yet to move functions such as Summon and highway driving to a single FSD stack.

Musk teased such a move back in July when he noted that FSD features like Summon and Navigate on Autopilot with Automatic Lane Changes would be “sublime” with a single FSD stack. Musk did, however, also emphasize that transitioning Autopilot and FSD to a single stack requires massive retraining for the company’s neural networks.

That being said, the CEO also hinted that Tesla is making some serious progress with its shift to a single FSD stack, with Musk stating following the rollout of FSD Beta 10.0 that the highly-anticipated transition would release in V10.1 instead. Considering the initial observations of the company’s FSD Beta testers, however, this shift seems to have been moved back once more.

This is not to say that FSD Beta 10.1 is a disappointment, of course. FSD Beta 10 is already one of, if not the most advanced consumer-grade driver-assist systems on the road today. Elon Musk may not consider FSD Beta’s current performance that great in the grand scheme of things, but it is still leagues ahead of competing systems from rival automakers.

Ford’s BlueCruise, for one, is promoted as a hands-free driver-assist system, but a real-world test from automotive teardown expert Sandy Munro revealed that BlueCruise disengages when faced with minor curves on the freeway, with little warning to the driver. Mercedes-Benz’s DrivePilot, on the other hand, is promoted as an SAE Level 3 system that enables hands-free driving, but it is incapable of operating in rain, show, or at nighttime.

Check out how FSD Beta 10.1 performs at night in the video below.

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