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Tesla’s Grohmann Automation site is undergoing a Giga Berlin-esque expansion

By @Simon Alvarez from Twitter

Something very exciting seems to be happening at the Tesla Grohmann Automation site in Prüm, Germany. Based on recent images and videos taken of the area, an expansion is currently underway at the Grohmann site. Interestingly enough, the upcoming facility seems to be using prefabricated concrete materials, similar to Gigafactory Berlin.

Last week, Tesla Model 3 owner and EV advocate @Humpidumpi2 went for a drive to Prüm, where the Grohmann Automation facility is located. Upon arriving at the site, the Tesla owner was quite surprised to see a construction project currently underway in an area previously used as a parking lot for the facility’s employees. Unfortunately, the site was empty then, as the Model 3 owner visited the area on a Sunday.

(CREDIT: @HUMPIDUMPI2/TWITTER) Returning to the Tesla Grohmann Automation site, the Model 3 owner was able to speak with security staff, who noted that the construction work is indeed an expansion of the Tesla Grohmann facility. This bodes very well for Tesla’s ongoing ramp, seeing as Grohmann Automation produces valuable machinery used by the company for its vehicles and batteries. The expansion of the Prüm site could then be viewed as a hint that Tesla is preparing for an even more aggressive ramp in the near future. What is even more interesting in the recent videos and images from Tesla’s Grohman Automation site was the presence of components that appear to be prefabricated concrete pillars, similar to those used in Gigafactory Berlin. Considering that prefabricated buildings are designed to be built quickly, there seems to be a pretty decent chance that the expansion of the Tesla Grohmann facility could be completed rapidly.

While Tesla has not issued a concrete statement about the work ongoing at its Grohmann Automation site, the company is ramping its efforts to recruit more workers for the site. Tesla’s Careers page currently has 46 job openings and the official Grohmann Automation website has 35 job listings for the Prüm, Germany site.

Tesla is aggressively growing its operations, and the company has plans to maintain this breakneck pace for the coming years. With facilities being set up in several locations such as Brandenburg and Texas, and with other sites likely to be launched in the coming years, Tesla Grohmann Automation would likely be very busy for the foreseeable future. With this in mind, an expansion of the Prüm site definitely makes sense.

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