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Tesla prepares to overtake China’s auto market with two major milestones

By @Joey Klender /Twitter

Tesla is preparing to overtake China’s automotive market with two major milestones relating to the company’s Supercharging infrastructure and Service Center locations.

Tesla has announced that it has successfully launched over 840 total Supercharging stations and opened more than 100 Service Centers in China. The electric automaker continues to expand its footprint in China, a market that has been recognized as a battleground for Tesla’s future success. China has long had the world’s largest automotive market, but the surging number of electric cars in the market makes it a main competition area for the world’s electric car companies, new and old.

On the company’s Weibo page, it announced the two milestones earlier today.

Credit: Tesla/Weibo China

Tesla entered the Chinese market as a domestic manufacturer of its automobiles in January 2020. After delivering the first units of the Made-in-China Model 3 that month, the company launched a strong and nearly untouchable effort of manufacturing and delivering some of the world’s best electric cars to Chinese consumers. In 2020, Tesla was the best-selling automotive manufacturer in the country, mostly due to highly-contributing sales of the Model 3. The Model Y arrived in China in January and has become another disruptor for Tesla in the highly concentrated market.

With such strong demand and matching sales figures, Tesla has also made a point to begin growing its Supercharging network and expand the number of Service Centers in the region. In February, Tesla launched a Supercharger production facility in Shanghai to assist in the installation of Supercharger locations across the country.

The two milestones are not only impressive but also a testament to Tesla’s ability to make consumer needs a priority among its efforts to expand production rates. It is crucial to have Superchargers in many areas, not just highly-populated ones because owners are going to need places to add range to their vehicles. While this can be done overnight with a regular household outlet, Superchargers dramatically decrease the time charging while increasing the efficiency process of charging the car. It also allows owners to take lengthy drives without having to worry about range.

Service Centers are also such a crucial part of the ownership experience for Teslas. Tesla trains its technicians to work on its cars specifically. Although Teslas are known for having significantly fewer maintenance requirements compared to their gas-powered counterparts, there are still routine changes that need to be made like tire rotations. In the event of an accident or collision, bodywork may also need to be performed, and the shorter the tow truck ride, the more money saved for the owners themselves.

So far this year, Tesla has established itself as one of the main contributors to the transition to electrification in China. Only being outsold by a vehicle that is about one-eighth of the cost of Tesla’s most affordable vehicle, the Model 3 and Model Y continue to make their presence known, not only in China but globally. In the coming years, Tesla will likely expand these figures once again, preparing for a takeover of the Chinese automotive market.

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