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Tesla Model Y overtakes Model 3 in April Global EV sales, Model 3 #1 in 2021

By @Joey Klender /Twitter

The Tesla Model Y crossover has overtaken its sibling vehicle in the Tesla Model 3 in April’s global electric vehicle sales figures, new data shows.

In April, around 392,000 electric vehicles were registered globally, making it the fourth-best month in the history of electrification. Tesla, the world’s leader in electric vehicles, maintained 2nd and 3rd place on April’s sales charts, with the Model Y overtaking its sibling Model 3 for the first time globally.

The Model Y crossover debuted in March 2020 when Tesla first delivered the all-electric vehicle to customers. Since then, it has gained popularity thanks to its trendy body style and impressive performance specifications. Combine this with affordability, and the Model Y is one of the most appealing automobiles on the market today.

Credit: Tesla China/Twitter

In April, the Model Y accumulated 16,232 registrations, according to the EV Sales Blog, a website that tracks global electric vehicle sales. The Model 3 sold only 14,980, making it the third most popular EV globally. The first was the HongGuang Mini EV from Wuling. Its highly affordable price tag that starts at around $5,000 makes it one of the most popular vehicles globally despite not having standard features without additional charges. The vehicle is sold in China mostly, where the Wuling-General Motors-SAIC joint venture vehicle has dominated the Chinese EV sector’s sales figures for around 8 consecutive months.

The Model Y overtaking the Model 3 was an impressive move, but it was something Tesla’s executives always imagined. “We’re confident this product will be our best-selling product ever,” Musk said in regards to the Model Y during the Q1 2020 Earnings Call. Tesla was able to achieve profitability with the Model Y in its first quarter of production, something that the automaker could never achieve with any of its previous vehicles.

Looking forward, Musk believes that the Model Y will be the best-selling car on Earth in 2022. “When it comes to Model Y, we think Model Y will be the best-selling car or vehicle of any kind in the world and probably next year,” Musk said during the Q1 2021 Earnings Call. “So I’m not 100% certain next year, but I think it’s quite likely. I’d say more likely than not, that in 2022, Model Y is the best-selling car or truck of any kind in the world.”

As for the year so far, the Model 3 still stands as the best-selling EV globally. Despite reports of a weak April, the Model 3 still maintains a healthy lead in the global EV market over the Wuling HongGuang Mini EV with 141,696 units sold. The latter vehicle stands at 125,925, while the Model Y’s strong April helped it maintain its third-place position on the chart with 72,296 cars sold this year.

Tesla is still the most popular manufacturer of electric vehicles, according to more statistics. The Model 3 and Model Y have been two of Tesla’s most prominent vehicles so far, despite its very limited lineup of products. Tesla has not delivered a Model S or Model X this year that wasn’t already in its inventory due to a refresh that the automaker decided to perform on its flagship vehicles. This effectively means that Tesla is still dominating the global EV market with 14% of the total market share and 216,079 sales while only delivering half its vehicles. The SGMW joint venture sits in second place with 133,720, accounting for 9% of the market share.

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