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Tesla Model S Plaid walkthrough teases possible new door handle option

By @Simon Alvarez /Twitter

A recent video walkthrough of what appears to be a production Tesla Model S Plaid has provided some interesting new details about the upcoming all-electric flagship sedan. Apart from an updated yoke that features ridges next to its scroll wheels, the recently-sighted Midnight Silver Model S Plaid had updated door handles as well.

The Tesla Model S Plaid was confirmed by the EV maker in its Q4 and FY 2020 Update Letter, and since then, the vehicle has been rendered to have black door handles. This made sense considering that the previous iteration of the Model S, the “Raven” variants, featured chrome handles that matched the vehicles’ chrome trim. Previous sightings of the Model S Plaid in the wild also featured black door handles.

This was not the case with a Model S Plaid that was recently spotted by YouTube host Andre D, who was fortunate enough to come across the vehicle at the parking lot of the Petersen Automotive Museum. As observed by the Tesla fan, the door handles of the Model S Plaid he spotted matched the paint of the car. The door handles’ colors were interesting since the vehicle seemed like a production unit and it had manufacturer plates.

The small update to the flagship sedan’s door handle actually made the Model S Plaid look very clean and sleek. With its black trim and new front accents, the Model S Plaid looked fresh and futuristic once more. This is quite remarkable as the Model S’ general design was unveiled by Tesla over 12 years ago. It takes impeccable talent to make a 12-year-old design still feel new, after all.

It remains to be seen if Tesla would offer color-matched door handles for the new Model S. Such an option would provide more customization for customers, and considering that it only concerns the vehicle’s door handles, perhaps the added option would not be too complex to implement. Overall, the new walkthrough serves as yet another teaser for the Model S Plaid’s upcoming delivery event next week, on June 3, 2021, at the Fremont Factory. ‘

Watch a walkthrough of the Model S Plaid in the video below.

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