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Tesla Model S matches gas cars by going 320 miles at average speeds of 75 mph

By @Maria Merano from Twitter

The Tesla Model S reached a range on par with internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles after logging 320 miles of range at 75mph during a highway fuel-economy test run.

Car and Driver recently conducted a highway fuel economy test run on the “Raven” Tesla Model S Long Range Plus—a variant that is no longer available to make room for the Model S Plaid, Plaid+, and refresh models. The Model S Long Range Plus has a 103.9 kWh battery pack using 18650 cells.

During the run, the test driver drove the Model S Long Range Plus through a 100-mile stretch of interstate, involving an out-and-back loop at 75 mph in cruise control.

“Often, a highway fuel economy test of an EV involves a shortened loop and a lot of nail-biting on the part of whichever test driver has been assigned to the task. But when we recently got our hands on a Tesla Model S Long Range Plus, the scene was different. No shortened loop, no nerves. We had to lengthen the course instead, notching 320 miles at 75 mph, the best result of any EV yet,” wrote Car and Driver.

The range of the Model S Long Range Plus is comparable to the Mustang Shelby GT500, which has a 16-gallon fuel tank and the Jeep Renegade, which has a 12.7-gallon fuel tank. The Mustang earned 20 mpg during the publication’s 75 mph fuel-economy test from its 16-gallon fuel tank, while the Renegade earned 29 mpg from during the same test.

The Tesla Model S made headlines as the first battery electric vehicle to have an EPA-estimated range over 400 miles from a 100kWh battery pack. The Car and Driver test run proves that the former Model S lineup was already on par with ICE cars, even when they are driven on speeds that are typical of gas-powered cars.

Tesla announced the launch of the long-awaited Model S Plaid and Plaid+ earlier this year. There have been some Model S Plaid delivery delays since the announcement, primarily due to the global chip shortage that has affected many automobile manufacturers. However, Elon Musk recently announced a Model S Plaid delivery event on June 3, 2021.

The new Model S variants will likely be equipped with a much-improved battery pack and maybe even more “fuel” efficient. Tesla is working hard to improve the range of all its vehicles by developing and enhancing its battery technology.

For instance, Tesla has been working on producing the 4680 cells in a facility near the Fremont Factory. Elon Musk recently confirmed that the Tesla Model Y from Giga Texas would launch with the EV automaker’s 4680 cells as well.

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