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Tesla Model 3 dominates Switzerland’s 2020 EV Market

By @Joey Klender from Twitter

New data shows that the Tesla Model 3 dominated the 2020 EV market in Switzerland, and the figures weren’t very close.

After finishing 2020 in the same pole position, the Model 3 continued its undeniable domination of the electric vehicle market in Switzerland. European countries, in general, are highly competitive areas for electric automakers and are usually anyone’s game in terms of who will have the most popular car. German automakers, like Volkswagen, have enjoyed some great statistics in some European countries, so it’s not a given that Tesla will own every country’s gold medal for the most popular EV. With that being said, Tesla has competitors in regions all around the world, and as the company begins to navigate to different continents and regions, it is proving that its vehicles are the world’s best, beating out homegrown EV competition in several markets.

Switzerland was no different. According to Auto-Schweiz, the Model 3 sold 5,051 units in 2020 in Switzerland, enough to take the top prize by a considerable margin over the second-place Renault Zoe, which sold only 2,890 units.

It appears that it was never a close race past February. A more in-depth analysis of the Swiss EV sales figures was conducted by TechnikBlog, and it showed that the Model 3 overtook the Renault Zoe in March and really never looked back. A steady flow of sales continued until June when sales seemed to slow down significantly, although it was short-lived.

Credit: Technik Blog

According to the data, sales once again accelerated into August from July, but the most notable spike occurred in November and December when the company sold around 1,500 units. This makes up for nearly a third of all of the Model 3’s sales for 2020. Tesla’s year-end sales push usually results in some of the strongest months across the board, and Switzerland was undoubtedly a prime example of this.

Tesla as a manufacturer, also took home nearly one-third of the market share in Switzerland last year. Another graphic provided by TechnikBlog shows that the Model 3, along with the Model S and Model X, contributed to Tesla’s overall dominance of the Swiss market. 31.27% of all EVs sold in the region were Teslas, with the next closest competitors being Renault-Nissan Gruppe and Volkswagen, who both shared just over 18%.

Credit: Technik Blog

The Model 3 has been dominant in several markets, including globally, against all other electric models on the market. The vehicle was the most popular EV through Q1 2020, and in Europe, it was sold four times as often as its closest competitor. The affordable, all-electric sedan continues a trend of domination and consistency through strong sales numbers as Tesla works to expand its lineup of sustainable cars later this year.

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