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Tesla installs its first made-in-China V3 Superchargers

By @Maria Merano from Twitter

A Tesla V3 Supercharger station went online on 520 day in China recently. Tesla Giga Shanghai produced all the V3 Superchargers in the new station.

May 20 is a special day in China because its abbreviation “520” translates to a phrase similar to “I Love You” in Mandarin. So 520 is like another Valentine’s Day in China.

The Tesla China Supercharger team celebrated the special 520 day by opening a V3 Supercharger station in Shenzhen. According to its official Weibo account, the Supercharger station is located in No. 5022 Binhe Avenue, Futian District, Shenzhen in the Guandong Province.

Tesla China invited owners to visit the new Supercharger station. Based on some pictures shared by the Tesla Supercharger team, there was an event to celebrate the installation of Giga Shanghai’s V3 Superchargers on 520 day. It seems like some attendees received gifts at the event, along with some delectable sweet treats.

The Tesla Supercharger team has been hard at work installing Superchargers stalls and building stations throughout China. Last month, the team brought the Tesla Supercharger Network to the base camp of Mount Everest.

China has become a big market for Tesla. Wedbush Securities analyst and TSLA bull Dan Ives predicted that Tesla stock could cost $1,000 per share if demand in China remains strong. In a recent interview with CNBC, Ives reiterated his $1,000 TSLA price target, adjusting his projection to hit in 12 months.

“I think a year from now, I think we’re looking at a $1,000 stock,” Ives said. “Because, to me, obviously, we’re going through chip shortages, China numbers for April, which we call an unmitigated disaster, it’s just one month. I think if we go out to the green tidal wave, despite all the noise, we’re looking at a stock that a year from now that is $1,000.”

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